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I am an independent instructor operating on the west side of Edinburgh.  FS Driving School was set up in 2023 and offers pupils a relaxed atmosphere to learn and develop as a driver during your journey from beginner to full license holder! 

Like you I was a learner once and remember the stress of stepping in a car for the first time wondering how to move this big lump of metal safely from point A to point B.  One thing that I learned was that having an instructor shout at you doesn't make you a better driver and generally results in a poor driving and learning experience.  That is why after a change of career I decided to get myself qualified and start my own driving school to help learners have a better experience than I did. 

As someone who enjoys driving and enjoys the benefits that driving provides (increased job opportunities, freedom to travel, be in your own space) I aim to provide a similarly enjoyable and relaxed approach to learning.


Fraser (Instructor)

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