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Learner Lessons


Lessons are designed to allow the pupils to learn at a pace that suits them.

The pupil will work through all the elements of driving requited to be safe on the road.  REMEBER DRIVING LESSONS ARE NOT JUST ABOUT PASSING A TEST - PUPILS NEED TO BE SAFE ON THE ROAD ONCE THEY HAVE THEIR LICENSE! 

During the first lesson the pupil will be instructed in setting up the seat, mirrors etc, before moving to the car controls (gear stick, handbrake, foot pedals etc).

From there the lessons will concentrate on learning the basics of driving including moving off and stopping, changing gear then onto left and right.  As the lessons continue the pupil will develop skills such as roundabouts, country road driving, driving at speed and the manoeuvres the pupil will be expected to have mastered by their practical test.


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