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Parallel Park

Click play to watch demonstration. Use full screen for best view


Pull up alongside the vehicle which you are going to park next to.  The car should be roughly level with and about 1m from the side of the vehicle Immediately put the car into the reverse gear and apply handbrake if required. (Photo 1)


Reverse no faster than a walking pace until the car is roughly 45 degrees across the road. EVERY COUPLE OF SECONDS CHECK YOUR RIGHT BLIND SPOT FOR CARS, BIKES, ETC! (Photo 3)


Keeping the car moving slowly steer to the right so that car lines up parallel with the pavement.  If you think the car is getting too close to the pavement steer quicker. If the car is likely to finish too far from the pavement steer slower or turn to the left slightly to aim the car back to the pavement.  (Photo 5)

Screenshot (1)_edited.jpg


Find the biting point and set the gas (if gas pedal is required) start to reverse and turn the steering to the left half a turn so that the wheel is upside down. (Photo 2)


Check your left mirror and start to turn right when the kerb stone looks like its cutting through the car's wheel arch. (Photo 4)


When the car is pointing to the vehicle in front quickly straighten your wheels. (Photo 6)

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