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Pulling Up On the Right

Click play to watch demonstration. Use full screen for best view


Look for a sensible place to park on the right hand side of the road (do not parking in front of driveways, near junctions, in a bus stop or in a position that will result in the road being blocked). Check mirrors, signal right and position the car to the right of your lane. (Photo 1)



Pull up close to pavement and secure the car (handbrake on and put select neutral). (Photo 3)


You will then be asked to reverse the car approximately 2 car lengths.  Check all round the car before reversing and make useful observations whilst reversing.  Try to stay close and parallel with the pavement whilst reversing. 



When it is safe to do so cross over to the right lane.  If you need to give way to any oncoming vehicles, cyclists, etc, bring the car to stop before crossing over to the right hand lane. (Photo 2)


When requested by the examiner move off safely making your way back to the left hand lane as soon as possible. When doing your observations start from your right and work your way to the left checking your left blind spot last.  It is recommended to put a left signal on before moving off. (Photo 4)

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